Sherrie Matza

Sherrie Matza has a BS in Social Work and Criminology from Florida State University, and an MBA in Human Resources Management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Following five years in the social work and criminology field, she began her human resources career in compensation and benefits.

At Bank of America she specialized in the compensation, benefits and international areas. She was Manager of US Compensation and spearheaded the development and implementation of a unique job evaluation system for over 60,000 employees in the United States. As Manager of International Compensation, she developed compensation and benefit programs for local national employees in over 30 countries throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia. As Manager of Health and Welfare Benefits, she was responsible for the design and development of all health and welfare programs for over 90,000 employees in 48 states. She also successfully integrated the benefit programs of acquired and merged companies, developing communication materials, and educating and training managers.

Ms. Matza joined what is now EW in 2000, and provides consulting for compensation and benefits projects in a variety of industries such as financial services, high technology, health care and non-profits.

Ms. Matza is a past Board member of the Alzheimer’s Association, is Chair of California’s Health and Human Services Department’s Alzheimer’s Advisory Committee and serves on work groups focused on implementing San Francisco’s Strategy for Excellence in Dementia Care.

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