Debora L. Kerley

Debora L. Kerley, PHR, started her human resources career in 1979 at Wells Fargo Bank, focusing on compensation, unemployment claims management and the companies suggestion awards program.

From 1985 to 1996, she served as Director of Human Resources for Sequoia Equities, Inc. where she expanded her knowledge base to all areas of Human Resources, including training and supervision of the Property Management and Accounting departments.

Sanwa Bank of California (Bank of the West) is where she developed strong employee relations skills. As the Employee Relations Officer, she was involved in recruitment, orientation, compensation, retention, and training in harassment awareness for the northern/central California regions. She continued expanding her experience with the Greater Bay Bancorp in Palo Alto (Wells Fargo) as an Employee Relations Officer and Benefits Manager involved in various merger/acquisitions activities. Here she implemented on-line enrollment and management systems, developed worker’s compensation and leave management policies and procedures.

Since 2005, Ms. Kerley has provided human resource consulting services to clients of EW. By utilizing her many years of executive and employee levels of human resources expertise, EW clients receive a high level of skilled consulting in employee relations, training, policy development and best practices compliance.

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