Strategic Human Resource Solutions

Since 1984 EW has provided strategic HR Consulting, including Board of Director and Executive Compensation Review and Analysis, Equity Strategy Design, Incentive Compensation Plans Design, Total Company Compensation Review, as well as a number of services including a very unique succession planning tool called Critical Jobs Process.

Board and Executive

  • Compensation Analysis
    We design Executive and Board of Directors compensation plans which include evaluation of base pay vs. the market and the design of Executive incentive pay plans.
  • Merger and Acquisition Solutions
    We work with organizations that are either acquiring or merging with others. We handle all aspects of the human resource side of merger and acquisitions. The services provided include: Communication Strategy and Integration Plans; Workforce Reduction Policies and Plans; Compensation Plan Integration; Benefit Plan Integration; and Consolidation of Handbooks and Employee Policies.
  • Employment Agreements
    We draft market-based executive employment agreements with change-in-control provisions.

Compensation Design

  • Salary Structure and Performance Management Systems
    We build market-based company wide salary structures with grades, ranges and position descriptions. We also provide simplified performance management systems.
  • Incentive Plan Design
    We design both production incentive plans and general incentives plans below the executive level.
  • Equity Incentive Plan Design
    We design and develop equity incentive plans and stock option strategies.
  • Benefit Plan Design and Assessment
    We do competitive benefit studies and plan design that is tailored to the needs of the workforce and that can be delivered at an affordable price. We design and implement 401(k) plans and a variety of insurance programs including health, life, and disability.

Human Resources

  • Recruiting
    Our recruiting service model lets you determine how much of the process we do for each position. With skills and psychometric assessments and other tools, we help you find the right candidate for your company at a very competitive fee.
  • Executive Search
    We recruit for our clients for CEO, CFO, CCO, COO, Board and other executive or management positions.
  • HR Outsourcing
    We provide HR, benefit and payroll activities, supporting your internal HR team or providing an HR team if you don’t have one. HR includes employee relations, leave of absences and work comp claims management. With our model, a change of payroll systems is not necessary – we will work with your current system and provider. We will work with your current broker on all of the benefits and administration of plans.
  • Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution
    We design and develop employee handbooks and policy manuals, and provide conflict resolution services. We also design workforce reduction strategies.
  • Worker’s Compensation & Employee Leave Management Retainer
    For most small and medium size companies the complexities surrounding Worker’s Compensation, Disability Leaves, FMLA, Military Leaves, Unpaid Leaves, and the proper use of Vacation and Sick Time for leaves can be overwhelming. With our retainer service you have unlimited usage of an EW Leave Specialist to handle all of your leave responsibilities.

Human Resource Specialists